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Wellness Coaching

Are you struggling with

-feeling stuck in the monotony of life?

-feeling held back by your current life situation?

-emotional and physical fatigue, or even exhaustion?

-finding motivation?

-finding time to "work on" yourself?

-feeling disconnected?


Are you being your authentic self or the version of you created to adapt to/survive your environment?

Let's work together to reconnect with your authentic self. The goal is to uncover the need(s) this current version of you is filling and find healthier ways to meet those needs. Let's get you back on your true path, to the life you were meant to live. We will create a plan to live that life daily and learn how to navigate roadblocks along the way. You were meant to shine; and you don't have to do it alone!

*Sessions include exploration of the mind, body, and spirit; minimizing/eliminating stressors; and emotional regulation.

Letting Go of Unhealthy Attachments

One of the largest and most common obstacles to living our best lives is unhealthy emotional attachments.

Do you ever find yourself asking,

"Am I ____ enough?"

"Are they judging me?"

"Why don't they like me?"
"Why do bad things always happen to me?"


Are these thoughts holding you back in life or drowning you in a pool of emotions?


Acceptance, belonging, and purpose are actually primitive goals; they are a means of survival amongst mammals. Humans have evolved, but this primitive part of our brain will take over when we feel unsafe. Let's work together to find that safety and security within yourself. Define your Truth from your Soul rather than from the perceived judgment of others. Change the message you are sharing with your subconscious and the Universe so that you can let go of the ego's unhealthy attachments and live your best life.

Conscious Reframing & Subconscious Reprogramming

The subconscious is the part of the mind we do not willfully engage. It is our automatic way of thinking and responding. What we are told about ourselves and what we believe about ourselves shapes our subconscious and heavily impacts our lives. To change your perception of yourself and the world, to change the way you view and respond to life, you must change those automatic thoughts and reactions. Explore your subconscious, learn to identify subconscious thoughts and habits that are not serving you, and learn to reprogram them so that they are serving the health of your mind, body, and spirit. 

Parenting Coaching

Are you struggling with

-yelling at your kids/family?

-emotionally regulating amongst the chaos?

-finding time for self-care?

-feeling guilty for not doing/being better or enough?

-being responsible for the energy and well-being of the entire household?


The list goes on! Trust me, I know. I have been there, and these are very real daily struggles for parents.

Let's work together to find your center, ground yourself, and learn effective strategies to care for yourself, your family, and all of the relationships in your life. Life is about balance, and everyone's needs are different. Uncover your needs, what works for you to meet them, and how to adjust your day-to-day lifestyle and interactions to foster a happier, healthier life for you and your family. Parenting is a beautifully challenging journey. You have the tools within you; let's dig together to find and fine-tune them. 

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Labor & Birth Coaching

Learn the physiology, psychology, and spirituality of pregnancy, labor, birth, and parenting from a psychology major, Occupational Therapist, autonomous birthing advocate, and mom who has been through a coerced cesarean section (c-section) followed by a home birth.

*Support can be as needed (brief phone calls with questions as they arise) or extensive. 

Interpersonal Relationship Coaching

Are you struggling with a relationship(s) in your life? Learn to identify underlying causes of these struggles, how to overcome them, and how to foster healthy relationships in all avenues of your life: from romantic, to family and friends, to coworkers. We will work together to uncover what the mirrors (aka people) in your life are telling you, heal your inner child, set boundaries, and manifest the relationships you want. While it is ideal to have both parties working on themselves at the same time, it is not necessary. Positive changes can still be made with the efforts of one person. You can only control your behavior. Stay in your line, do the work you need to do for you and for your relationships, and let the ripple effect do the rest.

*Keep in mind, the goal here is to achieve healthy relationships. This requires change. Some relationships may only need tweaks. Others may need complete transformation, which may include redefining the role of this relationship and its presence in your life.

Home & Workplace Detox Evaluations

There are many environmental threats that prevent people from achieving their optimal physical and mental health. I perform home and workplace evaluations to identify environmental stressors (i.e. chemicals in personal care and cleaning products) and provide education on how to detoxify the physical environment. Interventions include health education, "ditch & switch" ideas, and referrals as needed. Formal write-ups can be provided to employers upon request.

Ergonomic Evaluations

Workplace injury can be caused by a single incident, repetitive motion, or prolonged physical stress on the body. Injury can result in workplace stress, decreased productivity, time off work, and increased insurance premiums. Decrease the potential for injury with an ergonomic evaluation. I assess work spaces and provide recommendations to decrease physical stress on the body.

Health & Wellness Classes/Workshops

I offer various health & wellness classes and workshops in the western suburbs of Chicago and online.

Topics include but are not limited to:

Stress Management

Immune System Regulation


Healing Wounded Masculine & Feminine Energies (for both men and women)

Chakra Balancing

Shadow & Mirror Work

Healing the Inner Child

Growing Through the Seasons



Stay tuned as I design programs for you to learn and grow independently as well as alongside an amazing support system...the choice is yours! 

*Classes for children are also available.

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