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Lauren Lyman


Education Background: I graduated from Dominican University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I took several research and statistics courses, studied the science of subjective well-being, and performed my own research at the university. I moved on to Rush University Medical Center, where I earned a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy. I am certified in physical agent modalities and received my Assistive Technology Professional certification.


Professional Background: My work experience includes special recreation programs, inpatient rehabilitation, subacute rehabilitation, acute care in a hospital, and outpatient therapy. I have also been involved with program development, including a Spinal Cord Health & Wellness program, Multiple Sclerosis Health & Wellness Program, ALS Clinic, and an Assistive Technology Lab. I developed rehabilitation treatment guidelines and protocols to assist with standardizing care. I have worked with children, adults, and the geriatric population. I have experience with developmental disorders, mental health, spinal cord injury and surgeries, MS, ALS, stroke, cardiac rehabilitation, orthopedic surgery and injury, oncology, splinting, polytrauma, and medically complex patients. I am particularly interested in neurological impairments (spinal cord injury, ALS, MS, stroke, neuropathy, autism) as well as mental health.

Personal Journey: After having my son, I left the traditional 40-hour work week to stay home with him. However, I never gave up my passion for health and research. When modern medicinal approaches failed us, I began exploring natural physical and mental health interventions. I have successfully incorporated aromatherapy, mindfulness/meditation, grounding, and a primarily whole food nutrition-based diet into my personal life. I have emptied my medicine cabinet of pharmaceuticals, instead relying on homeopathic remedies, osteopathic medicine, and acupuncture. I then explored environmental factors that were contributing to poor health. I improved my environment by changing cookware, personal care products, cleaning products as well as adding crystals, salt lamps, and pyramids to reduce harmful ions in the air.


I thought I was done there, but there was still one piece of the puzzle missing: spiritual connection and health. I took a break from the outside world, what was happening to me, and looked inward. There, I discovered my purpose and an incredible amount of motivation to walk my path and live my Truth without reservation. I was able to let go of emotional attachments to others' perceptions, establish healthy boundaries in my life, and create my own reality. I have transformed my health and the health of my family, and I am motivated to help others do the same.

I am a wife and a mom to two amazing children and a chocolate lab. I have a close extended family I love to spend time with. I love being out in nature and being active. I am a firm believer in the mind-body-spirit connection and the gut as the second brain. I love to research, share my knowledge and passion with others, and help people confidently live their purpose. Happy, healthy, emotionally balanced people make a happy, healthy, emotionally balanced world for everyone to enjoy.

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