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There are 5 channels of awareness in the body.

Many therapies address only 1 or 2 channels,

causing you to relive your pain without any healing actually taking place.


You think you are processing your emotions, but your progress eventually plateaus because

you are actually re-traumatizing yourself, aka making it worse!

I was so sick of trying healing modalities one after the other only to hit a plateau, become disappointed, and ultimately give up...until the next time I felt motivated to repeat this exhausting cycle again. It was the definition of insanity...not to mention timely and costly!

A lot of investment, temporary and minimal reward.

- I didn't want that for me, and I don't want that for you. -

Are you tired of feeling...?



Overwhelmed / Stressed Out







Bored with Life

Meh / Mediocre







Like a Failure



Undeserving of...

Not good enough


Passive (Agressive) you can't be yourself? ... or you don't even know who the real you is? a hamster on the wheel of life? you don't have a true purpose?

Do you have physical health issues that won't go away no matter what you do?

Chronic Pain

Digestive Issues & Pain

Weight Loss or Gain


Skin Issues / Rashes


Panic Attacks

Sleep Disturbances

Fatigue / Exhaustion

Hormonal Imbalances

Respiratory Problems

Cardiac Problems

Autoimmune Disorders

Chronic Illness

Revolving Door of Sickness

This could suggest an imbalanced and dysregulated nervous system.

Do you have fears you wish you could get rid of?

Abandonment, Rejection, Confrontation, Loss of Control, Powerlessness, Failing?

Communicating your feelings, needs, and/or beliefs?

Being yourself regardless of the situation or company?

Are you subconsciously letting these fears run your life and unsure how to make it stop?

Are you tired of life bringing you down?

Unhealthy relationships?

Being taken advantage of?

Your trust being broken?

Losing yourself in relationships?

Setting boundaries just for people to cross them?

Feeling the need to defend yourself, your opinions, your choices, your character to others?

The cycle of stuffing your emotions and then exploding in sadness and/or anger?

Struggling with addiction: to drugs, gambling, attention, achievement, diet trends...anything!

Your core beliefs and fears are turning you into a victim of your life.

If you are a victim of your life, you will never live a life you love.

Are you tired of the gaps in healing?

+ Heal your physical body

- while the stress and trauma simultaneously destroy it.


+ Reduce your stress, or the impact of stress

- but your nervous system knows you're just masking symptoms, and it will yell louder!


+ Release the trauma

- while all your subconscious habits simultaneously find new trauma for you to experience.


+ But what if I consciously overcome the trauma and learn new habits?

- Then you will know what to do on a conscious level and may be able to actually do it IF you are level-headed, motivated, and not super stressed. That sounds like real life, right?...

So I'll just use a few modalities, buy a few programs, invest more time and energy.

I have enough time, energy, and money right??? Which one do I choose?


Polyvagal Theory

Energy Healing

Somatic Therapy


Healing Movement

Sensory Integration

Emotional Regulation



Wellness Coaching

Life Coaching



Neuro Linguistic Programming

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Morita Therapy

Subconscious Reprogramming

Stop the insanity! Healing should not traumatize you!

Bridge the gap, and become your own healer.

The journey of healing shouldn't be something you have to heal from,

and we all deserve to be whole, healthy, and thriving.


Your body, mind, and soul know how to get you there.

You just have to reestablish trust and remember how to listen.

- Learn 1 program 1 time, and use it for a lifetime. -


360ᴼ of Benefits

- BODY -

Restore your health.

Heal & regulate your nervous system.

Earn your body's trust on a neurological level.

Feel your emotions in your body. Experience. Listen.

Release trapped energy and trauma from your nervous systems and DNA.

Improve breathing and circulation necessary for the health of all organs, muscles, tissues, etc.

- MIND -

Change your limiting and damaging thoughts and beliefs.

Become an observer of your thoughts and emotions; learn from them.

Process everything you have been avoiding due to fear.

Eliminate self-limiting beliefs.

Rewire your brain to no longer default to unhealthy thought patterns and belief systems.

Redefine your life for yourself.


Match the energy of your future self to become your future self.

Rebalance and restore your natural energy.

Raise your frequency.

Manifest your best life without the blocks of

doubts and fears.


15+ healing approaches in one guided program to

SIMPLIFY:  decrease overwhelm of self-discovery and self-healing

MANAGE: reduce time commitment required to make changes in your life

EMPOWER: eliminate the need to rely on others for your healing

Your core beliefs attract thoughts, beliefs, body sensations, emotions, and actions that support these core beliefs. Call it what you will: manifestation, law of attraction, self-fulfilling prophecy, etc. This is how our brain and our energy work.


Removing 1 surface-level problem creates a void. Voids will be filled, whether consciously or subconsciously. If you are not simultaneously healing all the parts of yourself, the void will attract something similar to what you worked so hard to get rid of in the first place.

360 of Healing

is a specific process designed to starve the neuro pathways that are contributing to your suffering while simultaneously creating and strengthening new (positive) ones that will allow you to be more confident, vibrate higher, and manifest the life you never thought was possible.

We are not only training the mind.

We are training your nervous system to safely enter and exit the sympathetic response (fight, flight, freeze, fawn).

We are teaching your body how to feel a challenging emotion, hear what it has to say, release it, and return to safety...without completely shutting down.


This process is empowering and healing. It gives you the greatest gift:

the ability to feel safe in your own body.

Safe to heal,

Safe to grow,

Safe to pursue your dreams regardless of what is going on in the world around you.

This is more than a belief system, more than a healing modality.

This program teaches you how to hijack your brain and use its ancient mechanisms to your advantage! I am so excited to share everything that I have learned that has helped me understand, respect, and reconnect with my mind, body, and spirit.

Learn the process once, and you can use it for the rest of your life!


Uncover self-limiting core beliefs and their impact on your body, mind, and behavior.

Find your poisonous plant.

Uncover the subconscious needs driving your thoughts and behavior and determine healthy ways to consciously meet them.

Figure out why you are watering a plant that poisons you.

Define your beliefs and learn concrete ways to follow them.

Plant new seeds and water them daily.

Open your 5 channels of awareness; earn your body's trust; release trapped energy; heal and regulate your nervous system; and re-integrate the body, mind, and spirit.

Watch your old plant die. Thank it. Trust the process. Feel that death.

Become your future self now!

Move on with your new plant that nourishes you.

Who can benefit?

Anyone who wants to make healthy changes in their life.

You don't have to have prior knowledge or experience with anything I am doing.

You just need to want this for you.

You don't even have to believe you deserve it...yet. You just have to find a part of yourself that wants things to be better.

*Disclaimer: This program is not designed for those unwilling to dig deep and commit to self-exploration and change.

Click to schedule a FREE consultation, and see if this is the right fit for you!

What's Included?

30-minute consultation with me to answer your questions and get you started.



360 of Healing Workbook
Free PDF, or option to pre-purchase a paperback

Weekly Support Group
led by me and includes support from myself and other participants

Daily Practice
Specifically designed to synthesize multiple healing modalities into one easy-to-follow guided exercise

360 of Healing Community
Find connection, support, shared experiences, and testimonials with people participating in or who have participated in the program

Weekly Presentation
Educational topics and instructional videos presented by me

Exclusive Promotions
Discounts on my other courses, workshops, and retreats

I am active in the online community, I lead the support groups, and I have dedicated time in my schedule for anyone to sign up for a 1:1 session if needed. I want to ensure you are getting everything you can from this program.

Time Commitment

Daily: 20 minute dedicated practice + brief (as needed) practices (<2 minutes)

Weekly: 15+ minute written reflection, 1 hour presentation from me, (optional 1 hour support group)

for 12 weeks

...and then take everything you have learned with you on your journey for the rest of your life.

Effects can be immediate. An aha moment can occur at any point. Trauma/energy release happens as soon as you have trained you body that it's safe.

You can't break an old habit without putting a new one in its place. This does take time. However, once you identify and start breaking those old habits, it feels GOOD. You do it because you want to do it for you. And you just keep going... because you are finally motivated!

What people are saying

“I have been in and out of therapy for over 40 years and this is the only program I have found that involves working on your thought process while also working with your nervous system to release the trapped emotions and trauma. And in all of the learning I have done to try to help myself I believe that both are necessary. This program is both top down AND bottom up which treats symptoms more quickly and more thoroughly.”

Disclaimer: This program does not "cure" disease or take the place of a medical and/or mental health provider. Please always seek the appropriate medical care. There are no guarantees. Proceed at your own risk.

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