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Humans as Electrical Beings

We have heard all about the chemicals in our bodies, but what makes those chemicals work? ELECTRICITY! We are electrical beings.

Have your emotions ever "rubbed off" on someone? Has someone's presence ever given you anxiety? Have you ever felt a connection with someone? These actually are not abstract concepts. There's a reason for these things: electricity.

We have an electromagnetic field that impacts our health and can even impact other people. Our emotions and our thoughts can affect others. We can kill plants by yelling at them; we can disorganize water crystal structures by being mean to them.

Let's take a look at the frequency of the human body:

70 Hz = Healthy

60 Hz = Susceptible to viruses

58 Hz = Susceptible to disease

42 Hz = Cancer growth

25 Hz = Dying

0 Hz = No longer living

Are You Helping or Hurting Your Frequency? Let's look at some examples:

-Negative thoughts can lower your frequency by 10 Hz, but positive thoughts can raise your frequency by 10 Hz.

-Processed food has a frequency of 0 because it is not a living thing; it was created by man. Consuming processed food lowers your frequency.

-Essential oils can raise your frequency.

-Toxins and environmental stressors lower your frequencies. It is important to eliminate or minimize them as much as possible.

Do you need assistance raising your frequency (aka improving your health)? Contact me for a life coaching session and/or a home detox evaluation. The mind and body are connected. If both areas are addressed, we can detoxify your life!

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Have a great day, and be well!



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