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Courses & Groups Currently Available

"Helping Your Child Cope
During COVID & Beyond"

Learn ways to support and effectively communicate with your child.

Help your family develop healthy psychological patterns and coping strategies to conquer stress and promote resiliency.

Promote a sense of health and well-being during, and long after, the COVID crisis.

Most importantly, do it as a family! Learn together, grow together, and live the happy life you and your family deserve!








This course is available online through a written guide, 18 prerecorded videos, and access to numerous bonus videos.

COVID-19: Online Health Course for Employees
"Empowering Yourself at Work & Beyond"

Due to the current world health crisis, business operations have suffered. 

This course is designed to address employee concerns, increase confidence in the workplace, and guide leadership staff and employees during this challenging time. 


The course includes a 6-minute leadership team video and two 12-minute employee videos:

-Embracing Change: This video teaches viewers how to manage stress, reframe their mind, and accept (rather than fear) the new changes.

-Supporting the Immune System: This video educates viewers on ways to improve their immune system, offering a sense of protection and control over their health.

The goal is to ease the transition and empower the leadership team and employees, providing confidence and a sense of control during a time of uncertainty.

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